heavy reduction flame

SETX Glass is the brain child of Will Young.

It started as a pipe dream and has branched to science and other art pieces.

Will has been blowing glass for just over a year. Though he is an amateur lamp worker, his pieces ship world-wide and feature on YouTube channels with thousands of followers.

Will is also a self-proclaimed astrophysicist, and when he isn’t busy blowing glass, he’s studying the universe, playing guitar, or drinking coffee.

He lives in Texas with his author wife and black cat named Nibbler.

Will is the sole creator of these wonderful designs. He handcrafts each piece to make it unique and one of a kind.

He takes requests from clients and will find a piece to fit your needs.

Find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Watch the magic below!


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  1. Hey Will, My name is John and my family owns a quartz shop here in Texas. We manufacture all the mid length tapers. Check us out at

  2. Hey again. I went to order the straight dna dabber. And unfortunately you do not accept visa debit i guess. Will you accept a money etransfer?

    1. I accept all major cards and PayPal. I’m not sure why your card wouldn’t work tho?

  3. i wouldlike to order the dabber carb cap.
    but as always I want to ask if there will be any other charges like boarder fees.
    i live in ontario canada so the $20 international charge plus $50 for the product is all i have to pay for or will there be hidden fees?

    1. Hello! That shipping fee covers everything needed. There is no other hidden fees. Thanks for your question!

  4. I was actually interested into working with you guys. The merchandise you create is BEYOND dope! & I think more of the world MUST see! And I’m here to help. I have a YouTube channel based in Texas (Golden Treeez ), you can check out the link in bio! I promote & review glass from people and shops!! If you are willing to collaborate with one another ! (Dm If Interested!) Cheers to everyone!

  5. Are you based out of Beaumont Texas?

    1. Port Arthur. :)

  6. Hi Will. It was great meeting you at the TSP


    1. Great to meet you guys too!

  7. I was wondering when the DNA dabbers will be up for sale? And what the price will be if/when they are on sale?

    1. They are finally here… DNA Dabber/Cap Combo

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