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DNA Pendants – Available Now!

Double Helix Glass DNA Pendant With Tube Bale

These DNA pendants are one of a kind… Literally! Each one is handcrafted from borosilicate glass and measures from 2.5 to 3.5┬áinches tall.

There is no denying the geekiness of these pendants as you can tell from afar that they are a representation of a double helix of DNA. The clear glass helps magnify and bring the inner design to life.

These are perfect for the science lover in your life, or snag one for yourself.

They can cater to anyone, because color variations, sparkles, and tube bales are available.

Get one here!!!

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In Honor of Kristin Paris


Kristin Raye Paris was torn from life by a man that believed that it was perfectly alright to drink and then drive. She was driving on the inside lane of I-10 when she was allegedly hit head on by Rockline Kennedy.

She was a senior at Nederland High School and remembered for the smile that she showed the world.

Below are some pieces available as a donation to Kristin’s end of life costs… UPDATE: SETX Glass is no longer creating these pieces